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Registration open for IPEP 2016

International Print Exchange Programme (IPEP) 2016 India

'International Print Exchange Programme (IPEP), India' is a non profitable initiative through which printmakers can share their work with other printmakers and exhibit in their country. Thus get chances to have multiple exhibitions worldwide and a collection of prints from all over the world. The sole purpose of IPEP is that of sharing print and creating  network of connections with printmakers around the world .In the past 3 years, more than 20 exhibitions have taken place in different nations of the world by participating printmakers. Several exhibitions are still underway or being planned worldwide of previous programmes. 

IPEP works with innovative ideas and deals with contemporary printmaking. It highlights the socio-political concepts around the world, with technical skills of printmaking.

This year, we address the theme related to NEWS :

The IPEP 2016 invites print-makers all over the world to share their practices by responding to the crucial challenges posed in front of sensitive fellow beings through the media of Print News.
The primary objective of this chapter of IPEP is to introduce a novel format of printmaking where the artists reach out to the viewers and audiences through the lived experiences of diverse as well as at times catastrophic news received through daily newsletters which affect all of us globally devoid of our regional differences.
Therefore you are invited to respond to the idea by producing your prints on the actual published news papers that contain important and influencing news. As a mandatory practice of this year exchange programme, prints taken only on the published news papers will be considered for the submissions.(news paper of any language will be considered ).

Looking forward to your active engagement and support to the Novel Theme of IPEP 2016.

This year we have invited Shubhalakshmi Shukla (Art Writer and Critique, Mumbai, India) and Dr. Bess Frimodig (Printmaker and Art Writer, Sweden) who collaborate with IPEP 2016 to provide theoretical and documentational support along with their critical views.

Please read carefully --

A. How it works:
1. Minimum 20 Printmakers will be selected by the Jury from registered participants.
2. Each participant should send print 5 extra prints for IPEP promotional purpose
( eg.- If 32 printmakers have been selected by the juries. You have to submit 32 + 5 (for the IPEP folder) = 37.
3. Participants should courier their prints to IPEP in India. The cost of sending (one way) has to be borne by the participant.
4. IPEP will rearrange portfolios containing each artist edition, which will be packaged in a custom designed printed box and will include a brief on each participating printmaker.
5. IPEP will courier back the portfolios to each of the participant. The expenses incurred for the same will be borne by IPEP.
6. Each participant will exhibit IPEP portfolio at their concern place (e.g Studio / Home / Gallery / Community space etc.) and invite people to celebrate printmaking and its strength, and share all related photograph, publications with the other participants on Facebook .(Apply ONLY, If you are comfortable to take the above responsibility.)

B. Rules and Regulations for IPEP 2016:
1. Printmakers should strictly follow the theme - "BREAKING NEWS"
2. Kindly send a brief write-up (not more than 100 words) about your approach to the subject (which will be included in the catalogue) along with your trial print image or sketch for approval. Approval from IPEP is mandatory and prints without approval will not be considered for further procedure.
3. Original prints must be printed by any traditional hand-pulled process. Digital prints / Photographs will not be accepted.
4. Size of paper 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm (12"X 12"),or any other different sizes will not be accepted. The printed image may be of any size larger than 20 cm x 20 cm (8"x 8"). ODD SIZE PRINT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
5. Paper type – Use 2016 published NEWSPAPER only. Date should be seen. Newspaper of any language will be considered. (please see the image below for reference).

Sample for technical reference

6. Edition should clearly mention the Title, Edition Numbers and Type of printing process employed. Edition must be duly signed by the participant.
7. All Prints must be protected with glassine paper of same size.
8. Please make sure your prints should reach us before last date of submission.
9. If any printmaker fails to send the work by the due date, numbers of portfolios will reduce and the remaining extra prints will be sent back to the respective printmakers along with the portfolio.
10. IPEP participants are not allowed to participate for two consecutive years but will be considered for the third year and Participants who were not able to exhibit their portfolio of the year 2014 will not be selected further.
11. Please write "Printed Materials, No Commercial Value" On the shipments
12. IPEP will not be responsible for any loss or damage of prints in transit both ways

1.Can I use white or different paper instead of published newspaper?
Ans : No! You can paste the other paper behind for the support if needed, but we will prefer if you can print on the newspaper without pasting.

2. If I use different pages of published newspaper for the editions, then the background won't remain same.
Ans : That will be acceptable.

3. Etching doesn't appear on newspaper.
Ans : Don't wet the newspaper while printing. Instead, you can overlap separate moist paper on the top of newspaper while pressing and separate the print and moist paper after impression.
Or you can find different techniques of your own by research & developments.

4. If I am not able to exhibit the portfolio.
Ans : It is mandatory to Exhibit / display your portfolio as per your capacity at least in your studio and invite people to celebrate printmaking before 31 March 2017.
If you are not able to do so, Then please don't apply

D. Deadlines:
• All participants must send their duly filled Registration form before 31st May 2016.
• Participants should send image of their Sketch or trial proof before 15th June 2016.
• Selected artist will be informed by 25th June 2016
• Final prints should reach us on the address given below by - 15th August 2016.
• The portfolio will be put together and shipped back to the participants by - 15th October 2016.
• Exhibition of your exchanged portfolio prints at your studio or related space before 31st March 2017.
E. Declarations:
• International Print Exchange Programme (IPEP) is a 'non profitable individual initiative' by the founder and printmaker Rajesh Pullarwar.
• There is no active involvement of any Institution / Gallery. It is purely for printmakers & THERE IS NO FEES INVOLVED
• IPEP's decision will be final, No correspondence will be entertained.

Reminder : It is mandatory to exhibit IPEP portfolio at your place (e.g Studio / Home / Gallery / Community space) and invite people to celebrate printmaking and its strength, and share all related photograph, publications with the other participants on Facebook .( If you are comfortable to take the above responsibility then only APPLY. )

Registration Link:

All prints should be sent on below address.

Rajesh Pullarwar
International Print Exchange Programme (IPEP) India
503/10A Vrundavan MHADA,
Shailendra Nagar,
Dahisar East,
Mumbai 400068 India
Contact +91 9869620933 (available on 'Whatsapp' )
Email :

Links :

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Exhibitions of IPEP 2014

Worldwide Exhibitions of IPEP 2014
(Theme : Indigestible)

@ Centro Joaquin Roncal | Saragozza | Spain | 21st Oct 2014

Sergio Aragon


@ Sir J. J. School of Art | Mumbai|India|11th Nov 2014
Rajesh Pullarwar


@ Print Workshop | Brisbane | Australia | 17th Nov 2014 
Kay Watanabe

@ Calisto Cafè | Vailate (Cr) | Italy | 25th Nov 2014
Silvia Sala



@ Sala de Plens del Ajuntament del Montseny | Barcelona | Spain | 5th Dec 2014
Martha Castellanos


@ Espacio de Arte San Antón|La Rioja|Spain|13th Dec 2014
Montserrat Ansótegui

@ Officina ON/OFF | Parma | Italy | 16th Jan 2015
Babiscia Barbara Fallini